Friday, December 12, 2008

music while I'm at work

When I'm at work, I like to have some sound on as sort of background noise. It can't be anything too loud since I am at work, even though I do have my own office, but sound travels, I have to talk to people on the phone and people do come into my office. I also don't generally want it too riveting because I am (usually) trying to work, so I can't spend too many brain cells concentrating on what I'm listening to. Sometimes, when I've got something particularly difficult that I'm working on, I actually have to turn off whatever I'm listening to because I need no distractions at all.

In the afternoon, I'd been listening to a lot, which I really liked, but something changed either in the way they stream or the way something is handled in the computers at work, but I can no longer stream them, so I'm annoyed at that. I can listen to their taped podcasts but not the live stream, so that bugs me. So lately, I've been relying on a lot more, something I've posted about previously.

I've created a few more stations, and I've also deleted a few that didn't work out quite the way I wanted to. I've gotta think of some other stations to create so I can get a bigger variety of stuff to listen to. Sometimes, I think about using my ipod, but I haven't plugged that into the computer at work yet. I'll see if I can get more out of pandora first.

In case you're interested in the stations I've created, here's my pandora link. If you have pandora stations as well, I'd love to see your link so maybe I can listen to your stations.

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