Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's a small Twitter world after all

So, I follow Wil Wheaton on his twitter feed. And I laugh at the stuff he tweets. I generally don't understand the responses he sends to people, but that's because I don't know what prompted the response. But I was amused the other day to see that Greg Grunberg of "Heroes" had contacted Wil through Twitter since Greg is on Twitter as well. And I got to see the love-fest between them. And they were really funny as they bantered back and forth. There was this whole thing where Greg said Wil would be great on "Heroes" and that he'd talk to the people there.

Here's Wil's first blog post about the subject.

But, stuff happened, or more correctly, stuff didn't happen, as Wil expected it wouldn't. Here's his followup post about the subject.

OK, so maybe that would have been cool, and having Wil on an episode might have gotten me to actually watch that episode as opposed to me not caring about "Heroes" anymore and at most half-listening while the husband watches the show in the other room.

And then Wil had a blog post today that included a link to this comic strip and commentary. Too frickin' funny!

BTW, "Anne" is Wil's wife. What I really want to know, though, is whether all three of them actually use Apple computers!

On a different note, I laughed really hard at Wil's last tweet today.

Thought I'd lost my keys earlier today. Looked for them for an hour. Turns out I'd left them in my car. In the ignition. At the mall.

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