Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Amerige Heights Town Center - mall review

OK, yeah, I know, it's a little weird to review a mall. But it was really cool.

So I was doing some shopping recently and looking for a convenient location for Harry and David. I saw from their website that they have a location in Fullerton, and I needed to be in Fullerton that day to go to the Disney Character Warehouse Outlet Store anyway. I looked up the location, and it wasn't too far from the Character Warehouse, so that would be pretty convenient.

The Harry and David I found is located in the Amerige Heights Town Center. No, I've never heard of Amerige Heights, and I don't know if that's actually the name of a district or something, since the city is still Fullerton. It's on Malvern Avenue, just north of Chapman, a few blocks west of Euclid. And it's a humongous outdoor mall - relatively new from how nice and clean it looked. There is a stretch of stores in one particular row, anchored by a gigantic Target. There's a really big Barnes & Noble in the middle of the parking area, where there are also other adjacent businesses. Then on the other side, there's a little side street with several more businesses and another parking area and then an Islands restaurant.

I went to that mall for Barnes & Noble (to get a gift card) and to Harry and David, which I don't go into very often, but it's a seriously dangerous store. This one wasn't even that big! I'd gone looking for a gift box of assorted nuts, which I found, so I picked up several of those as gifts. I then discovered Moose Munch, which is a kind of upscale Cracker Jack / Fiddle Faddle / Poppycock. And they had different flavors. I got a bag each of original milk, caramel with cashews and almonds, and s'mores. So far, I've tried the s'mores, and they are *really* good.

And of course, I had to at least go into the Target to look around.

They have a lot of other stores that I normally like to shop at as well - you can see a listing of the stores on the website. There are also a number of places to eat, so you can take a break for lunch or a snack in the middle of your shopping.

The only downside I can see is that because it is a big mall, and some of the shops are fairly spread out, it's not really convenient to just park in one place and shop if the stores you want aren't all in one place. So, you would either have to schlep your purchases around and do quite a bit of walking or you'd have to move your car and re-park each time you wanted to go to a different store that wasn't exactly nearby.

That being said though, I'm glad I found this place - I'm definitely keeping it in mind if I'm in the area and need something they have there.

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