Monday, March 9, 2009

"Terminator Salvation" - trailer

So, as much as I'm dying to see "Terminator Salvation", I had decided that I did NOT want to see the trailer online - I wanted to see it in a movie theatre. Well, I held out and was finally rewarded. When we went to see "Watchmen" Saturday night, they showed a trailer for "Terminator Salvation", which we were hoping for since it made sense. (It was actually rather interesting that every single trailer they showed before the movie was for a film I wanted to see. In addition to "Terminator Salvation", they also showed trailers for "Star Trek", "Knowing" (which I'm going to see in spite of Nicolas Cage), "Public Enemies", and I'm not sure if I'm forgetting anything. I don't think it's happened before where every single trailer being shown is for a film I'm interested in.)

Here's a link to the trailer we saw. It looks awesome. And at this point, now that I'm satisfied at having seen a trailer, I don't really want to know much more about it. I just want to see the film. We have plans to attend a midnight screening of the film on opening night.

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Sherry said...

We also saw the trailer for "Up." I remember that because I thought that it was a little out of place with the other trailers.