Saturday, March 14, 2009

Napa Rose - winning more awards

Have I mentioned how much I love Napa Rose, what an amazing restaurant it is, how great the staff is, and what incredible dining experiences we've had there? Yeah, OK, I might have mentioned that before.

Well, it's not like I'm the only one who thinks that way, and it's not like Napa Rose hasn't already won awards and accolades and other really good "a" words, but they've done it again.

A friend mentioned this to me a couple days ago, but I found this press release today.

In addition to other awards, two of Napa Rose's sous chefs, Francisco Origel and Alex Flores, were jointly named as Sous Chef of the Year by Southern California Restaurant Writers, Inc. - given that their range covers from Santa Barbara to the Mexico border, that is a very big honor indeed.

I remember Francisco from seeing him each time I've been to Napa Rose. Some of the chefs can be a bit more boisterous and outgoing, but he's a more unassuming man, though if you engage him in conversation, he is quite forthcoming with answers to questions about what they're cooking and such. It's nice to see him receive such a prestigious award.

I'm not completely sure who Alex is, but I think we saw him a couple months ago at least, when we were sitting at the counter at seats #1 and #2, and next to us was a couple who were in town from Sacramento making their very first visit to Napa Rose. They were absolutely raving about the food, and I think Alex was the chef running the pass that night - I don't think executive chef Andrew Sutton was there that night. He definitely seemed very knowledgeable and appreciative as he was talking to the couple next to us, and they were very thankful that he took such good care of them.

Congratulations to Francisco and Alex!

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