Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Monsters vs. Aliens" (3D) - spoiler movie review

I am not generally a fan of Dreamworks' animated films. I don't really care for the style or the story of their animated works. So when I first saw the trailer for "Monsters vs. Aliens", I really thought it was cute and was surprised at how different it looked and felt from Dreamworks' other animated films. Wow, a Dreamworks animated film I actually want to see. Imagine that.

I am, however, a big fan of the 3D that's used nowadays in film. I like how they enhance the film, so we decided to go ahead and see the 3D version of this film. There were a couple of gimmicky moves in the beginning (like the paddle ball in your face), but overall, it was just enhancement, which was good.

In general, I really enjoyed the film. There were a lot of laughs all around, though some of the jokes seemed to me way beyond the remembrance of the young kids that you'd expect would be and were in fact in the audience. How many kids know the theme from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" or the song Axel-F?

Going into it, I hadn't known who was voicing the characters, so at the beginning of the film, I was surprised to see all the recognizable names.

I was very surprised that Reese Witherspoon was voicing Susan, the lead character. She was very good, though for some reason, I found it really distracting that she was voicing a dark-haired character, which should be a non-issue really.

Kiefer Sutherland voiced the general, sounding a lot like he did when he voiced the drill sargeant in an episode of "The Simpsons". I don't really care for it when he gets that gruff tone in his voice - he sounds fine as is.

Stephen Colbert was pretty funny as the president. That thing with the two buttons - launch nuclear weapons or latte - was just hysterical.

I loved the changed Dreamworks logo to go with this film! Too cool.

Derek was a total and complete ass. He deserves to be in Modesto and Fresno. And is Fresno really a step up from Modesto?

I laughed at some of their song choices - Journey and The Little River Band!

Susan obviously shops at the same place as The Incredible Hulk because when she becomes gigantic, her wedding dress rips some but still manages to cover all of her instead of, like it really should, just being enough to cover her pinky finger. And then when she gets the alien substance stripped from her and she shrinks, her clothes magically shrink too. Oh, and her wedding gown must have been seriously scotch-guarded because after she got hit by the alien ship thing and was a mess and dirty, her mother just had to wipe it off and she was good to get married.

The stuff with B.O.B. and the jello (both times) was just too frickin' funny.

The sound of the creature who's the head of the aliens when it's walking on its tentacles was pretty funky, even more so when there were boatloads of clones of it.

The countdown clock of when the ship is going to self-destruct, which is actually off count, was HILARIOUS!!! I *loved* that!

One factual liberty they took in the film for laughs: when they were evacuating San Francisco and having everyone crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, that meant they were going from San Francisco into Marin. There's a line about "exact change appreciated but not required" for the toll. They don't charge toll going that way. Toll is always charged going into San Francisco, not leaving it. But, error aside, the whole sequence with the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge was pretty awesome.

The UFO lands and almost destroys Modesto and then effectively tries to destroy San Francisco. I'm thinking the aliens were targeting George Lucas and just didn't know where to find him.

If Dreamworks makes more animated films like this, I'd be more inclined to see them.

I was really surprised and disappointed and annoyed, though, that we got a ton of trailers, but NONE of them in 3D. Cause, you know, there are of course NO OTHER 3D MOVIES COMING OUT FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. Yeah.

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