Saturday, March 7, 2009

she's turning 50 and she's finally getting her dream house

Barbie is turning 50, and on Monday, March 9 (I think she's had a lot of surgery, because she looks a little plastic to me), she is finally getting her Malibu Dream House - in real life.

Adler lined Barbie's bedroom with wall-to-wall pink carpeting emblazoned with her initial.

Wall to wall pink carpeting emblazoned with her initial. I can't even begin to imagine what that would look like. Like someone had poured Pepto Bismol on the carpet? Even pinker than Circus Circus in Las Vegas?

Following the festivities, most of Barbie's custom decor will be shipped to the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas to furnish a special pink-tinted Barbie Suite that will be available for bachelorette parties, birthdays or anyone who wants to live like Barbie.

OK, someone go and rent out the place and take pictures, ok? I'll admit I'm not all that familiar with the Palms, but they don't seem like a Barbie-type place to me. Isn't/wasn't there a woman who really had a billion surgeries to make her look like Barbie? She should get a free weekend stay there.

Here's a link to Barbie's site. And here's the site celebrating her 50th birthday.

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