Friday, June 6, 2008

"Wall-E" at the El Capitan Theatre

I'm subscribed to the email list for the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles. It's a gorgeous theatre owned by Disney, so of course, they only show Disney releases, and it's very much a movie palace from days of old. They also only show digital prints of their films, which I *love* - seeing regular film is so disappointing nowadays.

Anyway, I got an email earlier this week announcing that they're actually doing a midnight screening of the film on the early morning of opening day - 12:01am on June 27. Wow, I think that's the first time they've had a midnight screening for the opening of a new film. (We were there at something like 12:30am for a movie once, but that was for a singalong screening of "The Nightmare Before Christmas".) That's pretty cool. I would think about it, except that we've already got tickets for an evening show on Friday, opening night. And there are going to be a ton of friends there, with all of us in the same general section, so that should be a blast, not to mention I'll get to see a film I've been really looking forward to.

3 more weeks to go!


Adrienne K said...

I'm pretty sure they've done others. At the very least they did a midnight screening for that new Indiana Jones movie. Didn't they do them for any of the POTC movies?

Now, I think it's uber cool that they're doing it for a Pixar animated feature. That. Is awesome.

Cindy said...

No, I know they've done midnight screenings generally - heck, I've been to a few. I meant at the El Capitan. There might have been midnight screenings of POTC, but I don't remember that happening at the El Capitan.