Friday, June 6, 2008

"net" versus "web"

I've noticed that people seem to have preferences on whether they use the "net" or the "web" to refer to that thing that Al Gore claimed to have invented.

For me, I think I tend to use "net". I'm browsing the net, I'm doing a search on the net. Sure, I use the term "web browser". Hmmm, but now I can't remember if I say "net access" or "web access". I think my preference for "net" comes from prefering "internet" rather than "world wide web".

I do use "website" and not "netsite". But they named their company "Netflix" and not "Webflix". But aren't devices referred to as being "web-enabled"?

I'm so confused.


Andrew said...

The Internet includes not just the Web but email, RSS, VoiP and who knows what else. If I'm "online" then I'm using Internet services which probably include the Web but also certainly include email and others. I do use Web browsers and Web search engines.

Cindy said...

Hmmm, interesting. I guess I think of the net as being pretty much only the web - if I'm on email, I don't think of that as specifically being on the net.