Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is it Saturday yet?

This morning, I got an email from someone who's trying to help me destroy my life ... I mean ... ummmm ... from a friend, telling me that he came across an article mentioning an event at a store called The Valley of the Dolls.! I am so going to this! I browsed the store website, and they don't have a huge selection of little boxes of joy, but they do indicate they carry a couple lines that I haven't found elsewhere yet, and with a Re-Ment rep there, I can ask about the Disney Cafe line as well as the kaiten sushi bar set, which I'm afraid was probably released ages ago and is no longer available.

The only weird thing is that when I was looking at the on-line store, the little boxes of joy cost $32, but it appears that they sell them in sets of 10, so that's only $3.20 per box. On the one hand, I wasn't planning on buying 10 boxes of one set at a time. On the other hand, even the single box price of one of the sets that I want is only $3.50, so the prices overall are a lot cheaper for little boxes of joy than I've seen elsewhere. Hmmm, we'll see what happens when I get there.

And, this store is just a little over a mile away from MILK, so I'm thinking lunch at MILK and then two hours of little boxes of joy.

It's going to be a good Saturday. If anyone's looking for me on Saturday or wants to join me, you know where to find me.

Thanks, Mox! You might want to stay away from the husband for a little while, though, because he might not be too happy with you for telling me about this. ;)

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