Friday, October 2, 2009

yes, I'm sure they have a five-year return policy

So I went to Borders today to purchase something. I was standing in line at the checkout, and the lady in front of me was talking to random other store employee about returning an item. She said that she had the book but didn't have the receipt. Employee said they need a receipt for all returns and exchanges. (This must have been a change in the last year or so because exchanges didn't require a receipt previously, but I digress.) She was annoyed and asked if he was a manager. He said no and called for one and had her wait at the end of the counter.

Manager came over, lady said she wanted to return book, manager asked for receipt, she said she didn't have one, manager said they need a receipt for all exchanges and returns. I couldn't hear the next little bit of conversation, but I then I heard the lady say it was a Photoshop book, and then the manager said that the lady purchased the book FIVE YEARS ago (emphasis mine), so they can't accept it as a return. The lady complained and didn't understand why they wouldn't take it back, especially since it still had a Borders price sticker on it, and they can just return it to the publisher. Manager said they can't do that, and returns can only be done within 30 days after purchase, not five years, and there were also probably newer editions of the book out. Lady continued to complain that some people want to buy older editions of the book. Manager said she was sorry but she couldn't accept the return and maybe the lady could try to sell it. Lady walked away mad, still shaking her head.

Manager asked for the next customer, who happened to be me, and after we exchanged greetings, and I put my purchase down, I said to her, "For what it's worth, I think she was insane to try to return a five-year-old book." She just smiled at me.

I really just cannot imagine someone thinking that it's ok to return a book five years later, especially a tech book. Those things are obsolete so fast. At least with a fiction or regular non-fiction book, that's a different thing, but how much demand is there really for a book for a version of a program from five years ago? Yeah, now that you're done with it, I'm sure the publisher would happily just return your money.

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