Friday, October 9, 2009


I've never been very good at feeling helpless. For some situations, it may only be a matter of being there for someone to talk to. But in other situations, I really wish I was in a position to actually DO something, and it's really frustrating when there's really nothing I can do. Support, encouragement, words - that's all I can really offer. And it feels like nothing. Platitudes. If you're watching someone on a monitor who is slowly bleeding to death, just telling them you're sorry and that hopefully, help will arrive soon doesn't do any actual good. It doesn't help them, it doesn't save them, the words are empty.

There are a couple of situations going on at the moment where I feel like I should be doing something actually helpful or wishing there was something concrete I could do, but there isn't. I can't offer any practical assistance. I can do my best and try to say the right words - but ultimately, they're still just words. Fleeting. Temporary. Useless.

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Sherry said...

Sometimes the best help you can give someone is by just being there. I know that you feel useless yourself, but to THAT person, you've done a world of good.