Tuesday, October 20, 2009

change of perspective

So the husband and I are doing a lot of Disney-related events this week, so we're taken the rest of the week off work. I have been hesitant to let some of the people at work know what I'm doing during my time off. One particular person has always given me a hard time about my Disney obsession, but he managed to get the information out of me. I told him that he always makes fun of me when I take time off to do Disney stuff. He responded that he doesn't do that anymore because he sees how much I enjoy doing Disney things and he sees how much joy I get out of it and how much fun I have. He said that out of everyone he knows, I seem to have the most fun overall while others are just looking for things to do to occupy their time, so why would he have the right to make fun of me for doing something I liked so much. I'll admit I was quite surprised but it was also pretty cool to have him say that.

I don't expect people to share my obsession (though I'm glad many of my friends do), and I don't have an agenda to recruit others, but it can be tedious to deal with comments from people who can't seem to just let me enjoy something even if they don't. Lately, I've been encountering more people like that, so that's been nice.

Other people's opinions aren't going to affect the things I'm interested in, but getting hassled less for it is nice.

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