Monday, October 26, 2009

baby girl is an angel

Players for the National Football League have a bit of a reputation. They get in trouble, they do stupid things, they do illegal things, they get caught and sometimes get jail time. They are trouble.

But that's not true of all of them. Those are the ones you just hear about the most.

And then there are those like DeMarcus Ware, who plays for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys themselves have been home to quite a few news-making players, but for Ware, he made news for a different reason. He had a wife that he loved and who loved him. He was embarking on a successful career in the NFL. He was on his way to fame and fortune. And yet, none of that could buy him the happiness that he and his wife were looking for. The joyous news of her pregnancy soon turned to sorrow when several months into the pregnancy, it was discovered that the baby had no kidneys and could not survive outside the womb. The child was stillborn.

Happy news came again with another pregnancy. But again, several months in, the baby's heart stopped, and again, it was another stillborn child.

I can't even imagine how devastating it would have been the first time, but for it to happen a second time is unthinking, unsurvivable. But then a miracle happened. Through circumstances, Ware and his wife were able to adopt a baby girl, from a young girl who wasn't ready to raise a baby and who had initially wanted an abortion but then decided to give her baby up for adoption instead.

The Wares didn't care what gender or color or anything about the baby. (It so happens that Ware and his wife are black and their daughter is white - the pictures of them all together are beautiful.)

Ware is fierce on the football field, but his real joy comes from being a father.

Here's a fairly extensive article that tells the whole story.

Here's a second article with other details.

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