Saturday, October 24, 2009

pumpkins and pancakes

This is just a sort of random post with a couple things I found funny or cool.

During Halloweentime, Disneyland has a section in Big Thunder Ranch with a person who carves pumpkins to resemble cool characters. I love the work they do there.

The lighting on this picture didn't come out great, but the detail on Bambi was pretty awesome.

I think Eve is pretty cool, but Wall-E looked to me more like R2D2. I only really recognized him because of his "E" in the middle. That, and the fact that he was right next to Eve.

And this morning, we had breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen, which was actually very good. We haven't had good experiences the last couple times we've been there, though admittedly, this time, we were there *very* early, at 7am, pretty much when the restaurant opened, and we were part of a special tour group. The food selection was very good, and the character interaction was good too.

Start your day the Mickey way.

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