Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's all about the candy.

I love that Google does funky stuff with their logo on special days, but I *really* love what they did for today. If you're reading this on Halloween and want to experience it for yourself, here's your chance.

OK, presuming you've either already done it, or don't want to do it, or can't do it because it's too late, here's what Google did.

This is what you see when you go to the main page.

If you hover your mouse over the logo, then it has a little pop-up instruction.

If you actually do as instructed and click on it, you get a candy-ized Google logo.

If you click on it again, you get a whole bunch more candy.

And if you click on it again, you see what happens after the candy has been gotten into.

And if you click on it one more time - it just goes to boring listings.

And speaking of it all being about candy, a friend sent a link to this cartoon that I thought was pretty funny. I actually thought it was funny enough that I then proceeded to propagate it everywhere I know, including here.

Hope everyone has a happy, safe and fun Halloween. And don't forget - you get an extra hour tonight to recover because it's daylight saving.