Friday, April 17, 2009

yet another reason why I want to go back to London

OK, so I've only been to London once, and it was ages ago, and I had a terrific time, and I've so wanted to go back for lots of reasons.

And now, I've got one more - but I've only got a week left!

I heard about a bar in London that releases vaporized gin and tonic into the air - so you get the effect of the drink without the actual drinking. How cool is that? They could do different drinks every hour! And the price is pretty reasonable. I could so become a regular at a place like that. I'm not sure I'd actually like the taste of a gin and tonic (Anyone else have Douglas Adams pop into their mind at the mention of that drink?), but it won't matter since I won't actually be tasting it.

Here's the link to get to the official site for the bar.

OK, I browsed around that site, and there are lots of interesting things.

The Victorian breakfast looks pretty cool, though I'm not sure what most of it is or if I'd even like it.

The flavour tripping is interesting to me mostly because I just learned about the miracle berry this week! I think that would be pretty funky.

I think the glow-in-the-dark jelly would be quite popular in the adult entertainment industry.

And then there's the scratch and sniff cinema. Now, conceptually, I think it could be interesting, depending on the scents of course. But what movie are they using for this? "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover"! OK, part of me understands why they picked that, because of the culinary theme, but that's one seriously twisted movie! I've seen a number of twisted movies in my time, let me tell you, but that one certainly takes the cake, if you'll pardon the pun. I can't imagine ever wanting to see that movie again.

If they're going for culinary movies with good scents, how about "Big Night" or "Eat Drink Man Woman"?

Hmmm, how about a scratch and sniff cinema night inside a bar that pumps out vaporized alcohol?

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