Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"The Simpsons" - mail call

On May 7, 2009, the United States Postal Service is releasing five new postage stamps (one for each of the main family members) themed to the long-running animated television show "The Simpsons". The cost of a first-class stamp increases to $0.44 in May.

According to this article, the Postal Service wants people to vote on their favorite Simpsons stamp. Here's the link to the Simpsons page on the Postal Service website, where you can cast your vote. Here's a link to the Postal Service store which shows what other Simpsons items are available.

I'm wondering how many people still even buy stamps to mail things. I do on occasion, but not very often.

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dodie said...

I still pay all my bills by mail so I buy stamps. Yeah, I know I'm old fashioned. I'll probably buy the Simpsons stamps just because I like to buy the different ones when they come out.