Friday, April 24, 2009

an apple a day, the interesting way

As I mentioned, we were at the Disneyland Resort on Easter Sunday, and we happened to be walking around Downtown Disney at one point. One of the shops in Downtown Disney is called Marceline's Confectionery, which is a candy/chocolate/treat shop owned by Disney and named after Walt Disney's home town. Like at Disneyland and DCA, they also have specially-made apples covered in not just caramel and such, but some of the creations are pretty amazing. As we walked past the shop, we noticed that they had a special apple created for the day.

I can't remember if the apple was initially coated in chocolate or caramel - I think the latter. Then it was rolled in white sugar crystals. The ears are made from regular-size marshmallows cut in half then sprinkled with pink sugar crystals. The eyes are each a drop of chocolate, and the nose is a drop of pink frosting. The puffy cheeks are made with two small marshmallows. We thought it was so cute!

They actually had deconstructed bunny apples - all the ingredients needed to make the bunny apple - set out right next to it.

I'm not sure if Disneyland or DCA had these bunny apples as well or if they were just being made at Marceline's.

These kinds of apples, though, are not what I think people had in mind when they encourage people to have their daily apple. They're usually coated in so much chocolate and candy and stuff that by the time you get to the actual apple, you're already too full to eat it. I always think it's funny to see the ones where they just cut up Snickers bars or peanut butter cups and then basically just embed them into the sides of the apple. It's a billion calories, but hey, it's got to be healthy, because it's an apple! :)

Marceline's has had special apples before. Notably, in December of 2007 they had made snowman apples for the winter season. But the display reminded us more of the march of the zombie snowman apples.

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