Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Travelodge Cathedral City - hotel review

We had occasion to be in Palm Desert for a show, and not wanting to make the drive back home that night, we decided to stay locally. The last time we did this, we ended up at a Marriott vacation club at a really inexpensive price. We weren't quite as lucky this time, so we ended up at the Travelodge in Cathedral City for a really good price. There are a number of cities that are very close to each other, so we weren't that far away from where we'd be having dinner and seeing the show.

We parked and checked in, and while we were in the lobby, another couple came in looking for a room, and the clerk told them that they were completely sold out, as were most hotels in the area because there was a golf tournament and a number of other events going on that weekend, so we were lucky that we booked early enough not only to have a room at all, but to get one for such a good price - even the clerk commented on the great low price we'd gotten.

I'm used to motels having room access doors on the outside, so I was surprised that such was not the case in this instance. The clerk directed us to go to a door on the complex and said that our room key would open the door, which led to the corridors down which the interior room doors were located. Our room was on the second floor.

The hotel ended up working out really well for us. We didn't really need any amenities since we really just needed somewhere to sleep. We weren't in the room very much. The husband appreciated that the room had an iron and ironing board, and we were only in the room long enough to get changed, and then we were off to dinner and the show, and we didn't return until much later that evening. We were in the room mostly just to sleep for the night, and we were up and gone by about 10am the next morning.

I'm not sure if the hotel has a pool or any other amenities like that since we had no interest in it. There was really no view to speak of from our room - I think it was the back of the building next door. The hotel had a sign outside about being renovated, and the place didn't look completely run down, but there were various rips in the carpet, and I think the elevator to the second floor wasn't working. None of that really bothered us since we didn't need a place with frills.

They do offer free WiFi in the room, which the husband knew because he'd seen it on the website, but there was nothing in the room that indicated they had free WiFi. The husband tried to get to it, and then he called the front desk, and the clerk gave him the password needed to get into the network. I just thought it was really weird that nothing in the room even mentioned the WiFi and there was nothing to tell you that you needed to get the password from the front desk.

If you're going to be spending some time at the hotel or want a nicer place with better amenities, this probably isn't the place for you. But if you just want a clean, inexpensive, convenient place to stay, I think this place works fine.

67-495 Highway 111
(Golf Club Drive & Eagle Canyon Way)
Cathedral City, CA 92234
(760) 328-2616

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