Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Fast and Furious" - spoiler movie review

I hadn't seen any of the other films in the franchise, but the trailer for "Fast and Furious" looked really good - action movie with lots of good stunts - yeah, ok, I'm there.

I'd really like to know what happened in the first film, but even though I didn't know the entire history, I enjoyed the film. They explained a few of the prior relationships, and as you'd expect, the action sequences were fantastic.

The opening sequence of the film is the one they showed in the trailer, when the gang highjacks a truck pulling tankers of gas. Yeah, ok, so it stretches the imagination - it's still a fabulous scene.

Oh, and the chase sequences through the city were crazy. And all those cars that they banged up! That was even painful for me to watch.

I did manage to figure out who Braga was before the film revealed it, but I didn't figure it out much before that. That dude in the suit just seemed so uncomfortable. And I don't get why O'Conner got blamed for that whole situation going south. It was the asshole co-worker's fault for jumping the gun, before the picture ID came through and before O'Conner signaled.

Paul Walker was good, and I really liked Michelle Rodriguez - she had a much better character than that awful one she had on "Lost". And Vin Diesel is really good as an action hero. Yeah, so he'll never win an Oscar. But he certainly kicks butt.

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