Thursday, April 2, 2009

this would have been perfect to take onto Star Tours

So, yeah, yesterday was April Fool's Day. Someone I follow on Twitter posted a link to a product on thinkgeek (which I love, btw - they have a ton of cool stuff) - tauntaun sleeping bag with intestinal inside lining.

Here's what the sleeping bag itself looks like.

I love that it even comes with a mini lightsabre, you know, to have cut the tauntaun in half so you can crawl inside it.

Here's the full ad for the sleeping bag.

Really cool, huh? Yeah, not real. Totally made up for April Fool's Day. If you clicked on the "BUY NOW" button, here's the page it took you to.

I did like that they also messed with the little tagline right underneath the thinkgeek logo on the top left of the main page. Guess that should have been a clue!

But, APPARENTLY, a ton of people wanted it for real. Later in the day, a friend tweeted that thinkgeek had put up some more information about the "product".

On the Star Tours ride at Disneyland, they always tell you to stow your carry-on in the compartment below your seat. The husband and I, being language geeks, have instead decided that they're actually telling people to stoy their CARRION in the compartment below. Well, in the Star Wars world, the carrion would be your dead tauntaun. So how perfect would it be to bring this sleeping bag on the ride and stow it under your seat?

Yeah, I can see you looking at me that way.

I hope Lucasfilm actually either licenses it or makes it themselves.

Oh, and the Squeez Bacon was pretty funny too! :)

And, speaking of thinkgeek, here are some more spiffy products from them:

I do really need to buy this shirt.

This one is funny, if a bit obvious, and it might not be allowed in some places.

I *love* the concept and execution of this one. Perfect!

Yes, I'm definitely in the club of those wearing this shirt. I'd actually prefer it on a bumper sticker.

This one's just a fun mix of two worlds.

I saw this shirt a little while ago, which would be very relevant.

But now, there's this even more relevant shirt!

This is just a completely brilliant representation, though I will admit that it took me a minute to get it. And it would be highly inappropriate for me to have this in my office at work.

These are cool, but INCREDIBLY expensive.

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Sherry said...

I like a lot of those, especially the Princess Bride ones.

Here's another one for you.