Monday, April 20, 2009

they already have these nifty inventions called jackets and blankets

So, there are these things called Snuggies. And people APPARENTLY (TM) feel the need to wander around in public with them.

But a pub crawl?

I will admit that I don't get the point of a Snuggie. I have sweatshirts. And jackets. And throw blankets. And this spiffy thing called a robe. The other day, I was a little cold at home while I was watching TV in the morning, so I put a light robe one. If I had put my robe on backwards, it would have looked like these Snuggie things they're wearing. Except that my robe is a lot cuter. It's black and white and has polar bears on it and was a gift from a friend multiple years ago.

Did I mention that I don't get Snuggies?

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dodie said...

Hey, alcohol was involved. Enough said...