Monday, November 30, 2009

tauntaun - FTW

Remember ThinkGeek's awesome tauntaun sleeping bag that they put up as an April Fool's joke this year?

From joke to delivery of finished product in 8 months' time! The wonderful folks at ThinkGeek were able to get permission to actually make the damned thing, we put in our order, and our tauntaun arrived today!

This is the tauntaun on our bed. The bed is a California King, so that gives you an idea of how frickin' huge this thing is. And yes, the tail is really long too.

He's really soft, and he's kind of bulky when rolled up because of his plush leg and arm. And yes, the detail is awesome.

This is the tauntaun "cut open" by the plush lightsabre (blue blade) that's attached to the zipper.

The detail of the "intestines" inside the tauntaun.

A close-up of the tauntaun's head.

The head is fully designed on both sides, though this picture makes it look more like a dragon, I think.

And the tauntaun comes with its own certificate of authenticity. I love it!

But the tauntaun is not just awesome-looking. It's practical and comfortable too.

The husband is 6' tall, and he fits just fine inside the tauntaun.

And how is Orkid dealing with our new pet? She just commandeered the box - jumped in and sat in it until we had to put the tauntaun away.

Want your own tauntaun? Well, they've sold out of two shipments already, but you can put yourself on the list for the third shipment.

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