Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Family Guy" does "Star Wars" again

The second episode of the animated television show "Family Guy" to spoof the original "Star Wars" trilogy of films was released this week. The title of the episode/DVD is "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side". Yeah, really. However, unlike the first episode, which was shown on TV and then released on DVD, this episode is only available on DVD, at least for now. Not sure if they plan to show the episode on TV in the future.

Even though I'm a big Star Wars fan, and even though the husband watches "Family Guy", I've not seen the first episode. The husband was watching the new episode, and I was listening to it from the other room and watched bits of it. It really is pretty funny. I guess I should go back and watch the first one.

The disc has some nifty specials too, including a table read of the episode and a "pop-up facts" version which has some really cool things in it, including one bit that's particularly amusing to me. There's also a preview of the third episode. And no, I'm not going to spoil it by telling you what the title is. You'll have to buy the DVD. Or at least look at it. :)

The link I provided above also has a trailer for the episode.

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