Saturday, May 31, 2008

flopping - they're going to have to pay the price

I have previously touched on the concept of "flopping" in the National Basketball Association. Well, coincidentally enough, the NBA has apparently been thinking about it a lot as well. This week, they announced that starting next season, the NBA will start levying fines against those who are obviously flopping. They haven't made a determination of what the fines will be yet, and apparently, the fines are going to be assigned much after the fact, upon review of tapes and such, rather than at the time that the offense happens. They may also consider more serious punishments, like a one-day suspension, for players who accrue a certain number of flopping violations.

I think it's a good thing in theory, but I'm wondering how they're going to implement it in practice. What I might consider flopping isn't necessarily going to be what someone else considers flopping. It's a completely subjective thing. But they're going to have to try to impose some kind of consistency to this subjectivity. It will be interesting to see what the first couple cases of this are like.

The only people who can still flop for free this year are players for the Lakers and Celtics.

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Sherry said...

If Vlade Divac was still playing, he'd need to save up all of his money for the millions of dollars he'd owe in flopping fines.

I guess it's as subjective as foul calls, so maybe it will balance everything out. Or just make the refs miss other stuff because there are so many rules to remember already.