Friday, May 30, 2008

maybe my second "X" is missing part of a limb

Movies often depict little girls trying on their mother's clothes and putting on makeup and playing with dolls. This was so not me. Instead, I grew up playing with little cars and learning to watch and play (though not very well) sports and being good enough in elementary school at playing marbles that I won a really pretty marble from a schoolyard boy, which really pissed him off because he thought he was going to beat me easy and end up with my spiffy marble.

In high school, our library had a copy of The Los Angeles Times, separated into sections. Not surprisingly, the most popular were the Calendar and Sports sections. After a particularly significant sports day (I can't remember now exactly why), I managed to get to the library first just as lunch started, so I grabbed the Sports section to read for a bit. As people wandered into the library, I noticed a guy wander over to where the newspaper sections were and search through. Not finding what he wanted, he looked around to see who had it - and he found me. He looked particularly irritated that a *girl* currently had custody of the precious Sports section. What the heck was I doing reading it? Sorry, dude, get in line, you can read it after I'm done.

As I got older, the stereotypical female genetic traits never really kicked in, and with rare exceptions, I've never gotten into girlie stuff. I don't really do that much clothes shopping, and I don't have a hundred purses or shoes, and I don't do makeup or perfume at all.

There's a Monopoly Junior game themed to Disney Princesses, which I do not and would not have had any interest in having. I'd find that completely boring, but instead, I'd love to have a villains version of the game.

Maybe that's why this weekend, while millions of other women are organizing and/or attending screening parties for the "Sex and the City" movie being released this weekend, I have absolutely zero interest in seeing the film. Being cably-challenged, I never watched the television show, so I suppose that could explain some of my disinterest in the film, but I never wished I had cable so that I could watch it, and I have no interest in getting the series on DVD. There's nothing else being released this weekend that I'm interested in seeing, so I probably won't see anything at all, but if I were to, I would either see for the second time either "Iron Man" or "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". And "The Incredible Hulk" is coming out June 13.

One of the few exceptions I mentioned: I do think diamonds and blue sapphires are pretty.


JeffG said...

I think you damaged your entire premise here by referring to the marble you won as "really pretty"... :)

Cindy said...

But it *was* really pretty! ;)

OK, was I supposed to say it was really cool? Hey, can I help it if the annoying boy had a pretty marble that I wanted? :)