Thursday, May 15, 2008

dogs and slides

I've had a number of entries about cats, and generally, I'm more of a cat person than a dog person. I've had dogs in my life, and I've liked them, but I like that cats are more independent and don't need as much attention with regard to food and needing walks and the like, and if cats jump on you, it's not as bad as when a dog does it, and cats don't drool, which I really don't like about most dogs. And while I joke that Orkid tries to kill me and I've got way more scars now than I did before we got her, I've never had a cat that's twice my size (or more) jump on me and only knock me to the ground hard when I thought it was actually going to bite and/or attack me, which has happened with a dog.

But I still find some dogs to be cute, though they're usually puppies. Lab puppies are just the cutest things - but then they grow up into adult labs, which are still cute but different.

In any case, I recently found a couple of really cute videos about dogs that I wanted to share, to give some kind of fair exposure to the canines as opposed to the felines.

This particular doberman just loves the backyard pool!

Doberman Likes Water Slide
Apparently, this dog when let outside into the pool will continue taking rides down this waterslide till he nearly passes out.

Doberman Likes Water Slide - Watch more free videos

This little dog just wants to play with the slide, but I think he's going about it the wrong way.

Dog Determined to Get up Slide
This little dog is determined to get up the slide but keeps running into setbacks.

Dog Determined to Get up Slide - Watch more free videos

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