Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So on this particular column of Dear Abby, there was this letter:

DEAR ABBY: The day before my wedding, my fiance's aunt left me a gift. After the wedding I opened it and read the card that was enclosed. It was lingerie, which seemed like a well-intentioned gift.

The card, however, was a bit puzzling. Turns out the lingerie was her own, and slightly used. On the card she said it had been "only used a few times." It struck me as inappropriate to receive "used" (and wrong-sized) lingerie from a new aunt-in-law. However, I do believe she was well-intentioned.

Abby, her gift made me uncomfortable. Am I wrong in thinking it was inappropriate? Any thoughts on how to write a thank-you card for such a gift? -- FLUMMOXED IN THE USA

My first thought?


Lingerie should *not* be shared!

I don't know that I agree with the response from "Dear Abby", but I have no idea how I'd write a thank-you letter to that!

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Perky Mommy said...

Not quite lingerie but someone once gave me a baby blanket with a stain and a hole in it. And when he saw the stain and hole in it he exclaimed "She said she was going to fix that! She was going to give it to Goodwill but I told her I had someone who could use it!"

I felt very special.