Saturday, September 12, 2009


We've spent the last two days at the D23 Expo, and operational problems aside, we've really had a good time for a number of reasons, including that we've seen a lot of friends there, including some we haven't seen in many, many years.

We are also collectors of Robert Olszewski's work, and the Olszewski Studios has a booth in the dealer's room equivalent of the Expo, so we've stopped by there a few times to see the booth and to talk to Bob himself or to Travis, the general manager of the studio.

On Friday, the husband and I had gone to purchase an item related to the Pixar short "Presto", which was released last year in front of "Wall-E". Well, with our purchase came free a plush of Alec the bunny himself. He is a cutie! I was playing with him a bit (yeah, no big surprise there), and we took him to show some friends. We also stopped by the Olszewski Studios booth for another reason. Travis was talking to someone else, so we were just waiting to talk to him, and Bob himself was away from the booth because he was at an official Expo signing. We had seen Bob's personalized embroidered chair the previous day, and with Bob away and Travis otherwise occupied, I couldn't help myself.

I propped Alec in the chair and took a picture. Yes, I did pose his one ear because I thought it was just too cute and funny.

Seriously, isn't he a cutie? For the moment, this picture has also displaced my prior picture of Orkid as the wallpaper on my phone.

I had thought about carrying Alec around as a sort of "flat Stanley" to take pictures of him in different places, but because he's white, I didn't want to risk getting him dirty, so we just went to put him in the car. And because I'm a nut as well as the fact that Alec has really long floppy ears, I carried him upside down. Yes, I did in fact get a lot of looks - what's your point? ;)

2 more days left of the Expo!

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