Thursday, March 20, 2008

What do you "mean"?

Here's a picture of a sign that the husband and I have driven past multiple times. This company is located in Baldwin Park, east of Los Angeles, and the sign is visible from the 10 freeway.

The way I see it, they haven't actually moved - they're just pretending. Maybe they have creditors after them who want them to pay up, or unsatisfied customers who they've treated poorly or disgruntled employees who they haven't paid in ages, and they're pretending not to be there just to avoid all of them. After all, if they've "moved", all these people after them won't think to look for them at their actual place of business, right?

We had noticed the sign and the "moved" some time ago, and it bugged me every time we went past it. But it took finding out about this blog (Thanks, Bean!) to give me the impetus to want to take a picture of the actual sign so we'd have a record of it. I've also submitted the picture to their blog, but since they get a bazillion submissions, I don't know if or when it might get posted. I'll let you know if it does. It's a great site. Be sure to read the FAQ on that site!

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