Sunday, March 2, 2008

status report

With all relationships, things change. Sometimes, they're purposely broken, and sometimes, people just grow apart. Sometimes, bumps arise, foreseen or not, mutually known or not. Quite some time ago, some friends and I had joked that with the constantly changing evolution of relationships, it would be quite helpful to have a status website. Each person could fill in their own squares to indicate their status with everyone else on the grid, so we would know at any given time who was in with whom and who was out. Ever since then, I've seriously thought that such a website would come in handy. Sometimes, I'm just nosy and curious. Sometimes, I'd like a clue about who I can tell about what and whom. Personally, I wouldn't particularly try to change anything because hey, if someone's mad at me or doesn't want to speak to me for whatever reason, that's their perogative. I just don't like having to guess.

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Sherry said...

The trouble about filling in your own squares is that sometimes people don't know whether or not they *want* to keep their current status, or change it...or they just don't even know themselves. Maybe there could be some sort of shading on the grid, like various levels of gray...or color coding.

BTW, if someone's not talking to YOU, CS, then they're missing out on some damn funny stuff. :)