Wednesday, March 12, 2008


OK, so yeah, sometimes, I use acronyms, but usually, only if it's fairly obvious, either in context, or it's a really well-known acronym or I'm figuring the audience I'm addressing will easily know that acronym. But some people get entirely too carried away with acronyms. In Disneyland discussions I used to have, people would use the stupidest acronyms, and it was fairly hard to decipher what they meant. I get that you're trying to conserve key strokes, but sacrificing clarity for a few extra letters on your part is stupid. You're posting, not texting. And if you're posting from your PDA (the electronic kind, not the kissy-kissy kind), then you should still follow posting rules not texting rules. I mean, how many people know what IJA is at Disneyland? But everyone knows what ride you mean if you say Indy. Instead of HM, I usually say Mansion. Instead of POTC, I usually say Pirates. No confusion there. I find that in other arenas as well, where some people will thrown out acronyms almost like name-dropping so they can act superior when you have no clue what they're referring to.

So when I was listening to the Frosty, Heidi and Frank radio show last week, Frosty happened to reference the t-shirt that Heidi was wearing, and I thought it was great. I found at least a version of it here.


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