Saturday, March 1, 2008

my nomination for parents of the year

I heard about this story where supposedly, Lindsay Lohan gave Miley Cyrus her phone number and said to call her and they'd hang out, and immediately afterward, Miley's parents Billy Ray and Tish made her delete the number because they don't think Lindsay would be a very good influence on their 15-year-old. Miley is supposedly claiming that they're too strict with her and she wants more friends. I don't know if there have been any confirmed reports of this from completely reputable sources. Miley was on the Barbara Walters special after the Oscars, and she said that she knew Lindsay, but there was no elaboration of whether they were actually friends or if Miley just would know her from being at the same events and such. There are also reports that Lindsay bought or won a ticket to one of Miley's concerts, and they're referred to as pals. So one might think that Miley and Lindsay have had some interaction. However, if any bit of the report is true, and Billy Ray and Tish are controlling who Miley spends her time with, then good for them. Lindsay has shown that she's not responsible, and she could definitely have a detrimental effect on the development of a 15-year-old. If Miley is indeed complaining that her parents are too strict, that's fine too. That would be normal for a 15-year-old. She would want to expand her horizons and be exposed to more experiences at her age, but it would also be her parents' job to watch over her. I'm glad to hear that they have not abdicated that responsibility even though Miley is very popular and famous and makes a lot of money. Her parents are still her parents, and good for them for acting like her parents, even when they have to do things Miley doesn't like, rather than just try to be her friend. The parents of some of the troubled teens could certainly take a lesson from them.

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