Saturday, February 13, 2010

separated at birth

Here are pictures of two actors. Do you know who each is?

OK, the actor in the first picture is Colin Firth, who is pretty well known and who I happen to really like, except for when he played the sleeze in "Circle of Friends", but it wasn't that I didn't like him - his character was just an ass.

The actor in the second picture is Peter Sarsgaard, who has been in a few movies I've seen, so I must have seen him before, but maybe this is the first movie I've seen where he has a prominent role. And for most of the film, I kept thinking how much he looked like Colin Firth, but I knew Colin wasn't in this movie because 1) I didn't see his name in the opening credits and 2) As much as I like Firth, I know he's not *that* young anymore.

Here are a few more pictures of him in the movie that I saw today.

There are so many other moments in the film when he really looks like Colin Firth. Now, he's almost 11 years younger, so he looks like Colin in his younger days, but the facial structure and smile reminded me so much of Colin.

And, since APPARENTLY, I don't remember his exact name or the spelling of his last name, I mistakenly thought that Peter was the son of Stellan Skarsgard, which he's definitely not. Peter's not even English (though he did sport an English accent in the film I saw) - he's an American who was born in Illinois.

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