Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Jessica Alba"

I heard about this story on the radio a couple of days ago, about a 21 year old Chinese woman in Shanghai who is going to have plastic surgery to win back her boyfriend, who is fixated on Jessica Alba.

So, your boyfriend decorates the apartment with pictures of a celebrity and constantly talks about her. OK, that in and of itself, I would not be on board with. I don't care that it's a celebrity - I wouldn't want my boyfriend to be that obsessed with someone else. And the "I wish you looked more like her" crap? Yeah, D.O.N.E.

She APPARENTLY did get tired of her boyfriend's obsession and broke up with him, but now, she's so devastated at the break-up that she's willing to go through extensive surgery to LOOK LIKE SOMEONE ELSE SO HER BOYFRIEND WILL LIKE HER. Seriously? How about instead of all that donated surgery, someone donate a mental evaluation to her?

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