Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the tale of the hussy that lived next door

The story started happily. Harry and Pepper had been together for six years, and even though they couldn't have children together, they'd been surrogate parents for a child they'd adopted and who thrived under their care. Everything seemed absolutely perfect.

And then along came Linda. She was the widow of the next-door neighbor. And she already had a sordid past behind her. Several years prior, she had left her long-time companion to hook up with the next-door neighbor, who was much older than her by the way, just hours after the neighbor's own long-time companion had passed away.

And within weeks of the neighbor's passing, Linda seemed to have worked her wiles on Harry, because Harry then moved in with Linda, and they even had their own children. A few scuffles ensued among the three, not surprising given the awkward situation, and Pepper had to be taken away for a little while to calm down, but Pepper seems to have become resigned to living next door to the ex and his new hussy.

Now, that doesn't seem like a very spectacular tale, does it? Well, in the soap opera world, that would be pretty mundane and borderline boring. But it's not a fiction story. It's true.

But, still, not that strange a story, right? But how about if you knew that Harry and Pepper were both male? Would that make it more interesting and unusual?

But wait - there's more!

How about if you knew that the individuals in the above story weren't humans, but rather, penguins?

Yep, the story above is what recently happened on the Penguin Island section of the San Francisco Zoo.

Here's one article with more details about the story.

And here's another article with slightly different details about the story.

And some people have decided to extrapolate from this story and tried to do a "see, I told you so" in making comparisons to humans. I personally think that's stupid for all kinds of reasons, so I'm not going to contribute to that particular discussion/argument. However, this video addresses some of that chatter and also has video of the parties in question, which is the reason for me including the link.

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