Friday, August 7, 2009

playing the victim

Emilia Domingo Raras is 73 years old and has been in prison since 2000, serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole.

She has recently asked a judge to commute her sentence, stating that she has suffered for her crime, and that being in jail is like being in hell.

What is the crime that earned her this sentence? She arranged for a man to kill her daughter-in-law because she felt she had been disrespected because the daughter-in-law did not invite her into the delivery room when her grandson was being born, and her daughter-in-law did not accept or ask for her advice on how to raise the child.

Her lawyer says that she's "an educated woman with no criminal history before the murder charge". So, if she had no prior criminal history, then by all means, they should have been lenient with her and given her a freebie, right? It was just one little murder, no big deal. If she was an educated woman, then she should have know that there would be consequences to her actions. She can't claim ignorance of the law then, can she?

"No human being should die in prison," she said. "Please give me a second chance. I need a second chance."

No human being should be sliced to death for simply being a mother. Her daughter-in-law will never have even a first chance to raise her own son, to see him grow up. There is no way in hell her murderer deserves a second chance. Her grandson was 16 months old when his mother was murdered. And at the time Raras was arrested, she was babysitting him. It makes me sick.

It's interesting that the article doesn't mention her son at all. I would hope that he has never visited his mother in prison and has no contact with her. She doesn't deserve to be anyone's mother or grandmother. And if she were let out of prison, I would bet that her next move would be to want to see her grandson. After all, her grandson doesn't have a female figure to nurture him, now does he? She could provide him with the support and guidance he needs. No, I don't think I would just be making that up.

If she showed any remorse at all, I could maybe stomach hearing about her request. I still don't think she should be let out only because she's served 10 years in prison and has failing health. None of that mitigates the awful crime that she commissioned. But she's shown that she has no remorse whatsoever: "Raras said she had no feelings of anger toward anyone and had forgiven her victim."

FORGIVEN HER VICTIM? Forgiven her for what? For being a mother? She was brutally murdered, taken away from her young child, and somehow this monster thinks there's anything she did that she needed to be forgiven for?

I hope that Raras' health improves. I hope she lives another 30 years. And that she spends all of it in prison. And any time she whined about how she's suffering and that being in prison is like hell, I'd sit her in a room, and I'd make her listen to a tape over and over again, the tape of her daughter-in-law screaming while she was being murdered. Maybe then she'll understand what suffering is really like.

Her lawyer has asked for mercy for her. She showed no mercy to her poor daughter-in-law. Maybe God will have mercy for her. The courts should not.

Here's an article with the full story.

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