Friday, April 4, 2008

How much is that thong in the window?

There was a lingerie fashion show in Singapore this week, and the jewel of the show was a diamond-studded thong that's estimated to be worth $122,000. Here's the article.

It's funny that they mentioned the thong would be dry cleaned before it went on display. Part of me thinks it's funny that they thought to specifically mention that and part of me is thinking, "That is SOOOOO none of my business."

Here's a picture of the model wearing the thong, as she was carried by two guys.

The Lady Godiva look with her hair over her breasts is interesting, but I'm wondering if they somehow glued them down or something. I mean, even though she's being carried, wouldn't the wind blow her hair aside? And you'd think that a beautiful blonde woman in a diamond-studded thong would be enough to get people's attention, but they had to make her otherwise naked too? So are you supposed to stare at her hooey to look at the diamond-studded thong or are you supposed to try to get a peek at her boobs?

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