Saturday, May 15, 2010

that takes the cake

I saw this link about "20 party cakes gone horribly wrong", and yeah, some of the cakes are just incredible. On the one hand, if a friend is making you a cake, it seems a little mean to make fun of them, since they were nice enough to make you a cake. On the other hand, in some of those cases, it would be hard not to at least react. And in the case of a purchased cake, well, then all bets are off since they should be professional!

Cake #2 actually made me say "oh my god" out loud. I cannot imagine showing up at a baby shower and seeing that.

For anyone who knows me, cakes #5 and #7 are particularly near to my heart, but cake #5 makes me smile more.

Maybe it's just me, but when I saw cake #12, my first thought was that it looked like a camera with a long lens, not, a ... you know.

The picture for cake #16, though, just makes me giggle.

I find the story of cake #20 amusing, but my favorite is actually cake #1. Maybe that's not the writing on the cake that they intended, but the wannabe-geek in me thinks it would be cool to have a cake with code on top!


daisy said...

have you ever seen


bennette said...

Oh. Just coming to say you should read, you see the problem. Still, worth your while! You need to see some pregnant belly cakes. Right up your alley.