Sunday, May 16, 2010

"The Complete Metropolis"

A few months ago, I read some headline about a restored version of "Metropolis" being in the works, and I was confused because several years ago, I'd already seen a restored version of the film. I had somehow missed the prior news that about 25 minutes of the original film had been discovered, and that footage was being inserted into the restored version that I'd previously seen.

The film student/film geek in me is so excited about this. I've loved "Metropolis" since the first time I saw it in college, but it's definitely not a film that everyone is going to be interested in, mostly because of the film style. (And no, I've never seen nor ever care to see the version they did some time ago with modern rock songs added over the original footage. PASS.) The new footage was shown in Berlin at a film festival back in February, and I'd heard that they were planning a limited theatrical screening schedule as well as a DVD release. I'm pretty hopeful that the theatrical screening would include something in the Los Angeles area, so I'll be able to see it on the big screen before getting it on DVD.

Here's an article about the newly restored film.

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