Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Jennifer's Body" - spoiler movie review

I've previously mentioned how I became interested in seeing this film. However, when I actually went to see "Jennifer's Body", I decided that bringing Gloomy with me was more appropriate than bringing Teddy. And boy, was I ever right.

The film was a lot more bloody than I even expected, so there were bits I did not watch. (And even though in the one scene in the abandoned house, ripping apart of the one boy was done as a silhouette behind a white sheet, I still didn't watch it.) Generally, I thought it was a decent film with an interesting premise. I had thought from the trailer and such that Megan Fox's character, Jennifer, was born a demon, so I was surprised when during the course of the film, it was revealed that she became a demon because she was used as an inappropriate virgin ritual sacrifice by members of a band hoping to gain success. Ooops. I thought it was interesting that she wasn't necessarily completely evil - she really just killed when she needed to feed to keep herself alive, every couple of days. I loved the make-up job on her, making her pale and gaunt when she hadn't fed in a while.

I'm definitely a fan of Amanda Seyfried, and I really enjoyed her performance in this film. They did dress her seriously down to make her look bookish and dowdy, but she was really pretty in "Mamma Mia". She's probably not considered as hot as Megan Fox, but I think she's got a very different look, that innocent "girl next door" thing going for her. But that horrid formal dress they put on her? Ugh!

And yes, the teenage boys at the screening that we went to were hooting and hollering during the kissing scene between the two girls. OK, guys, put in back in your pants and settle down.

There was one scene early on that was made all the funnier for the husband and my friends because I was there. Needy and her boyfriend were talking about bands, and I think it was Needy who said something about there being no well-known drummers. The boyfriend mentioned Don Henley and then mentioned Phil Collins, which made me really happy - and then in the next second, Needy said "who"? I hadn't even had the chance to really enjoy Phil being mentioned in a movie when he was totally slammed by the character not even knowing who he was. The husband and friends laughed at me REAL HARD. Oh well, it was funny.

I probably wouldn't recommend the film for those who are squeamish, but I thought the story was decent for a horror film. However, I will say that it's not an appropriate film to bring toddlers and small children to, something that several parents in the audience thought it was ok to do.

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