Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello Kitty has some new looks

I have a couple of friends who are into Hello Kitty, and I'm well familiar with her myself. So when I found out about a series of pictures of Hello Kitty in various familiar attire, it was just too funny not to post about.

There are a lot of really cute pics, but here are a few of my favorites.

With a new Smurfs movie being released this year, this Smurfy Kitty seems very apropos now.

Hello Smurfy Kitty

And who says only boys can be Space Rangers?

Hello BuzzKitty

Mickey Kitty!!!!

Hello You-know-who

There are a few Star Trek pics, but I like the Spock one best.

Hello Spock Kitty

And of course, if there's Star Trek, there's gotta be Star Wars too, right? These are my faves of the group.

Hello Kitty Boushh

Hello Boba Kitty

Hello_Rebel_pilot _Kitty

There are also a number of pics in other franchises (like X-Men and Watchmen) as well as comic book characters, other well-known characters from various media and just random fun.

But. I think this one is my absolute favorite.

Hello model kitty

Make sure to go to the actual page where this pic is housed (just click on the pic) to read the description/disclaimer. It's funny.

Hello Kitty is taking over the world!

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