Monday, April 5, 2010

there are no words

I've been listening to the Kevin and Bean radio show on KROQ-FM in Los Angeles for a number of years now, and Ralph Garman is a member of their show. Among other things, he does their entertainment news segments every day. Ralph has also done some movies and television shows and does a number of voices for "Family Guy".

I didn't hear the segment itself last week, but I heard the blurb in passing that Ralph had announced that he and his wife Kari had become parents to twins, a baby boy and baby girl. Both were born very premature, by two months, but I didn't hear much else about it. I hadn't even heard that they were expecting, since I only get to hear bits and pieces of the show, but I'm not sure if they even announced it on the show or not.

Today, Bean tweeted a link to the show website with news that had been announced on the show today, news I hadn't heard. Over the weekend, Ralph's and Kari's little boy, Lincoln, had complications arise, and he passed away on Saturday. Their little girl, Olivia, is presumably still in the hospital and not yet able to go home.

I cannot imagine what Ralph and Kari and their families are feeling right now. And I'm sure that everyone on the Kevin and Bean show is devastated by the news as well. As Bean wrote on the site, all their loved ones want to help them, but there's really nothing they can say or do that will ease the pain of losing their little boy.

From an appreciative listener and total stranger, I'm sending out my prayers and best wishes to join those of all the other appreciative listeners and total strangers to Ralph and Kari and their families and all their friends who have been so terribly hurt by Lincoln's passing, and to little Olivia as well, that she will grow stronger and be able to be taken home by her loving parents very soon.

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